Poland under Coronavirus lockdown (Bydgoszcz city)

Poland under 2020 Coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Bydgoszcz curing COVID-2019 pandemic lockdown

Bydgoszcz curing COVID-2019 pandemic lockdown

Check the gallery of Bydgoszcz city centre under COVID-2019 pandemic lockdown. All pictures were taken on Saturday 21.03.2020.

Traffic is so low that it is noticeably pleasant to traverse the city on a bicycle. In the middle of busiest streets, you could leave the bike unattended practically anywhere and photograph the area – without much fear that someone will steal it away.

Not many stores were open. From some of them you could hear music – maintenance workers renovated the shops and restaurants, using the forced lockdown as opportunity to make changes. Some were open only to accept carriers for Internet food deliveries, not allowing anyone in.

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