This is a personal, private blog of a guy from a Slavic country interested in the world.


Photography, international matters, diving into other cultures and their mentality, astronomy. Main passion and dreams revolve around travelling. I love international matters. Write me things about your culture, language or country, even if they seem insignificant. I feel a particular curiosity towards Central and North Asia: Siberia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, northern China.

What do the Portuguese think of the Spanish? What do the Tatars think of the Turkish people? Do the Mongolians like the Chinese? How do races in the USA work together? Are stereotypes of some people different in your country than in mine? Perhaps there is food in your country named after another!


I visited:

  • Czech republic
  • Slovakia
  • Italy (Ravenna, Bologna, Venice)
  • Russia (Moscow, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk)
  • China (Beijing, Wuhan)
  • Ukraine (Crimea, Lvov, Kiev, Kamenec Podolski, Chernivtsi, Khotyn, Odessa)
  • Hungary (Budapest, Badacsonytomaj on Balaton)
  • Spain (Madrid, Toledo, Segovia)
  • Georgia (Kutaisi and surroundings, Mestia, Batumi, Tbilisi)
  • Romania (Bucuresti, Busteni)
  • Kazakhstan (Astana, Almaty)
  • Montenegro (Kotor, Zabljak, Virpazar)

I want to visit the polar circle to see the aurora.


I can help with English and Polish. I do not learn new languages for now (I’m interested in Kazan Tatar though). I make my own languages too – my oldest hobby. I don’t spend much time doing this anymore, but technically this hobby is still valid.


Pubs or home parties? Are you a cat person or a dog person? I like when people tell me about their hobbies.


I like these things and I do it for work as well. Is bread expensive in your place, food in general? How much do guesthouses cost. Is beer expensive. Is there anything unique I can buy in your place, like kvas in the East?


o people really like touchscreens in your place? Are smartphones widespread or not yet, like in some countries? Laptops or desktops. As for science – apart from linguistics (as the study of speech of humans), I like astronomy.


I write. I draw. I roleplay online via text channels. I enjoy the company of people who do the same.



Mostly soundtracks, Hans Zimmer, Audiomachine, Frank Oz, that kind of tune. I can listen to most genres, except metal, I don’t like that one. Jazzhop and chillhop are great. Mixture of jazz and hiphop tune, it’s relaxing.


Mostly sci-fi ones, Star Wars and stuff. Other than that, C.K. Deserters for its Austro-Hungarian WW1 climate. I tend to avoid things in mundane settings (prefer fantasy, sci-fi, medieval/ancient, etc.).

TV Shows

The Expanse. Star Trek. Game of Thrones. I don’t normally watch anime, but had lots of friends at one point in the past that were really into it. I loved Hellsing, liked Fate/Zero, Bokurano, Knights of Shidonia, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Not a big fanatic of Japanese cartoons, but some of them are good.


Mostly academic literature about languages or astronomy, but from fiction I loved Ken Follett’s “Man from St. Petersburg”. I also loved “the Leviathan Wakes”. I’m okay with mangas, my absolute favourite is “Battle Angel Alita”. I liked Hellsing and its philosophy too.

Gave my shot at the Witcher, but admittedly, I prefer to write.


City looks kinda different without buildings”

Soldier who just lost a Middle East armed fight to a devastating earthquake, lost many of his companions (Battlefield3, main campaign). It speaks of finding humour in difficult times.

“Twice the pride, double the fall”

Count Dooku, Star Wars.