Thoughts on astrophotography

Image source: Photo by kazuend on Unsplash

As time flies, your priorities and interest focus changes. Before 2017, I would almost never, ever take any photos during my travels. The ideas to see everything with your own eyes only and let memories bring you back. Then, in 2018, in Kazakhstan, beauty of local mountains awoke a photographer in me and I bought my Canon 77D camera. Why a full-sized DSLR, and not a compact travel camera or a good smartphone?

Because you cannot use those for astrophotography well. DSLRs allow you to remove the lens and place a telescope in it, or, often, to attach the camera to the telescope. But this quickly turned out expensive. It is 2022, and I am still paying monthly instalments for this camera’s loan. To do dream astrophotography, you also need a sky-tracking mount, and the telescope large enough to hold the camera. Each of those costs as much as the camera itself, all combined would buy you a car. In 2019, I met a lovely girl, and my priorities quickly shifted to her, so luxuries like those were out of the question.

This blog was created in 2020 and is a child of the first lockdown. Perfect time to do photography, you could say. Now, years later, in 2022… I am still taking photos, but my passion for photos evaporated. I have not really travelled much, and I do not know when and if I will resume.

There is one thing that I still can photograph – the Moon. It is always there, it is bright, and I have the right equipment for it. Perhaps one day I will be able to sharpen the images, or stack them, or something. We will see.

These were my thoughts and my mood for today. Best wishes to anyone reading this.

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