Snow in Bydgoszcz, Poland

It is very rare that we see any snow here in central Europe. The climate changed abruptly in the last 20 years. Since most of our autumn and winter blended into one long autumn with +4°C (+39°F) on average that lasts 4 months, it was a big joy to see -2°C and snow in the city on the 3rd of December.

Do people in your country also ride bicycles on snow?
The traditional nativity scene is also already there.
Shopping malls came decorated out of the recent temporary lockdown.
I never paid attention to this confectionery shop. I was surprised when they told me they have been there for the past six years. The shop “Karmelowa kraina” is on Długa 31, Bydgoszcz. See their website:
Wait, pizza & borscht?
Nowhere near the number of people we would have last year with snow. But hey! The sight of children on sledges was heartwarming.
Unfortunately, the snow started to melt the very same evening. What a pity. I hope we would see more of it on actual Christmas!

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