2018 Tian Shan travel: Part 25

2018 Tian Shan

August-September 2018 travel to Kazakhstan reviewed in 2021

Commentary from 2021

This post from 25.08.2018 is about Pushkin cafe in Almaty city, Kazakhstan – cafe and restaurant that I was returning to many times back when I was there. They had the best tea I ever tasted. Food was fantastic, too.

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More about food

Slavic, this time.

Café Pushkin, Almaty. Smallest portion of tea is 0.5l, two cups. Cost is 790 tenge, so about 2.18 US dollar. This one is mint + raspberry.

Now let’s move on to greens. Typical Greek salad, nothing to comment on.

Požarski kotleta with roasted potatoes. Russian national food. It’s very good.I love that it’s in śmietana – Slavic sour cream. It’s not sour at all though, not sure where that word comes from. Is it different in UK/US?

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