Story of old Nintendo DS

Story of my Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS classic

Nintendo DS classic

I got this old console around year 2006, on my birthday. It’s been with me ever since. Not my first one – before, it I also had a Nintendo GameBoy Color and Nintendo GameBoy Advance. This one was, however, first one with a little more advanced technology, such as a built-in WiFi module.
Nintendo, in my view, has a reputation of a company that makes very durable devices. From my old consoles collection, all still work, and work as if they were new. With one exception – this one.

Folded Nintendo DS.

The most commonly failing part of the device is usually the hinge. If you look at large online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay or Allegro, you will find many specimens with varying degree of damage to the hinge. This one, surprisingly, runs well, and even with this nice click as you shift positions.

Unfolded beast had extremely unpleasant buttons – after playing for an hour, your fingers weeped, after two, they got red, after three, you risk blisters. Every other Nintendo console was perfect.

Today, I see it as a somewhat senile little console that did go through several malfunctions. The biggest one, I induced myself! By no other means than spilling a sugared, searing hot black tea onto it and its every orifice. I waited a solid hour to turn it on after drying, confident it is the end of old DualScreen, but to my surprise, after two tries, it worked – and has ever since.

I forgot in the middle my joy that the drenched electronics still work that there is a GameBoy Advance cartridge still in Slot 2. When I took it out, I was greeted by a merry waterfall of sugary tea that I spilled on it.

Surely it must have died after all that? Nonsense. The old Nintendo DS worked, except the speakers died, and microphone recorded garbage. But microphone worked, detecting sound or no sound, and the headphones slot worked perfectly as well, so I just carried on with life.

Not exactly ‘brand new’ specimen, but a lovely one, for sure.

Ten years later, the damned speakers all of sudden decided they changed their mind and they will work, jumping the spirit out of me as the slider was on maximum volume position amidst my gaming run. Unsure what just happened, I played on it many times, even though I already had a New Nintendo 3DS, and later the Nintendo Switch, and the speakers – both of them – now worked consistently.

Back of the device, showing the DS slot and power cable slot.

Now the venerable DS just collects dust on my shelf. I tried to sell it – to no avail, perhaps understandably. So it might stay with me to my joyce, saturated with emotional value of old 2006.

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