2018 Tian Shan travel: Part 45

2018 Tian Shan

August-September 2018 travel to Kazakhstan reviewed in 2021

Commentary from 2021

This post was about me taking the cable car onto Kombi-2 station on 3200 metres above sea level. Slowly, but I went to a gentle trail in a great, but rapidly changing weather. Sky was beautiful and crystal clear, sun was strong, September snow was melting. It was a fantastic experience.

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Original post from 02.09.2018 is copied below.

Kombi-2 station (3200 metres) is the uppermost station of the cable car in Almaty. The entire cable car line starts in Medeo that can be reached by bus 12 or by taxi, and which is about 20 kilometres off the city. Medeo-Chimbulak is the first connection. Medeo is on about 1500 metres. Then comes Chimbulak-Kombi-1. Chimbulak is on 2100 metres. On Kombi-1, at 2850 metres, there is the hotel where I am staying right now, called S.N.e.G. Finally, Kombi-2 is on 3200 metres, and it is the starting point for attacking mountain peaks, for paragliding, and in winter for skiing.

You might notice the deep, blue sky. These photos have not been edited, the navyblue is natural.

As for meteorological data for 3200 metres:
Air pressure: lowest measured was 692.0 hPa. This is 31% less air (both nitrogen and oxygen) than on sea level, close to 1/3 of air that I’m used to being gone.
Temperature: it felt like +10°C in the shade and +30°C in the sun.
Wind: 2 – 5 B, in the shade it was enough to feel quite cold.

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