2018 Tian Shan travel: Part 14

2018 Tian Shan

August-September 2018 travel to Kazakhstan reviewed in 2021

Commentary from 2021

This is a mashup of three different posts from August 2018. The original posts did not do justice to my thoughts, being just a cheap gallery of very poor quality photos. Truth be told, I was very cold and kind of angry back then at terrible weather I saw in there – it was very cold with a strong wind and a downpour. Not to extend the weathertalk, I wasn’t the only person complaining about back luck back then.

But I was on a train that would get me across the legendary grand Central Asian steppes south to the city of Almaty, which was my main stay. From the train’s window, I would then see the steppe. Which was part of the goal. I would spend there 24 hours.

How is the train, you ask? I was familiar with it from my transsiberian and trans-Amur train voyages from a decade ago. The train cars are the КП (pronunciation: koo-PEH) type, which means they are divided into four-bedded compartments. Old, but very clean, warm, solid. Conductor will check not only your ticket, but your passport too. At the end of the car, you have a boiler from which you can get hot water on demand. You see the device on a blurry phone-captured photo near the end of the post.

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Original posts from 21 and 22.08.2018 are copied below.

21.08.2018, Astana railway station

Weather is very poor. +13°C, heavy rain, wind 6 – 7 B, press. 963 hPa.

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