2018 Tian Shan travel: Part 5

2018 Tian Shan

August-September 2018 travel to Kazakhstan reviewed in 2021

Commentary from 2021

This post was about my flight from Warsaw, Poland to Astana, Kazakhstan. Capital to capital. Central Europe to Central Asia.

Flight was with a Boeing 737 Max. If I remember correctly, the flight actually took some four hours. However, due to the difference in timezones, I took off at 23:00 (11pm) and arrived at 8:00 (8am). The company was with LOT, Polish national airways company. Its logo you see on wingtips and the 4th image even zooms in on it.

View from my seat. Check it out, I had a seat next to the window! But did I pay extra for it or I won random selection? I don’t remember anymore after two years. I think it was random.

Distance was some 3400 km (2115 mi). With such flights, you receive some meals mid-flight. I am not particularly convinced to the food I received from LOT – it was soft-boiled chicken breast, carrots, broccoli in a dark sauce. I mean, I like such stuff, but I know how many people dislike broccoli. I also expected something more fancy to be served on an intercontinental flight. But, they also gave a tasty bun, pasta with some sauce, and a piece of cake, which were great.

I always loved how ice forms on windows mid-flight. It could have been -60C (-74F) right outside that double window, so no wonder. Inside the plane, of course, it was nice and comfy.

Next post will tell a little physical curiosity about why you feel soft pain in the ears when you fly a plane.

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Photos from the flight from Warsaw (23:00 hour) to Astana (8:00 hour) in a Boing 737 MAX.

Before departure.

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