2021 Baltic Shore travel: Part 1

2021 Baltic Shore

August 2021 solo bicycle camping trip to the Baltic Shore

It is 17.08.2021. I’m off to a travel the type of which I haven’t tried before: not only a camping trip, tent and all, but a solo bicycle camping trip. I invested a lot of money, more than I should have, so that this is a comfortable and repeatable experience, to a maximum extent.

Last weekend I tested the concept by spending a night in a forest near one of the villages close to my home city. This was just one night, however, and now I plan to spend four nights as a lone nomad. I like the sound of that, sitting in a warm, comfy place, with my stomach full, but we will see what practice will tell.

The test surely showed that this isn’t for everybody, but a lot depends on weather and terrain. My bicycle, a three years old Kross Transalp, seems not to mind the heavy baggage tied to it, remaining fast and manoeuvrable, but its narrow tyres don’t handle the 10 cm deep sand that cover our pine forest paths. Being remarkably heavy, any stairs remain a challenge. But for all the challenges, it all seems more than possible to deal with for me.

Time will tell how this will work over a few days.

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