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Important: Mountain Villa is recruiting authors!

Join the Mountain Villa blog crew! Become a successful writer, get trained in the basics of Search Engine Optimisation, Copyright dos and do-nots, and the world-class privacy protection standards, the European Union’s GDPR. This is a chance for you to run a personal blog with its contents, and gain life experience critical in many real life jobs.


  1. Activity requirement. You need to submit at least 1 post per 1 month.
  2. Adherence to blog rules. You do not need to know Copyrights, GDPR or SEO. You will be trained in all that! Once you do, you must stick to the guidelines.
  3. Proper research. If you post an opinion, describe it as an opinion. If you post a statement, try to base it on some sources.
  4. Discord. We communicate via Discord. You must have a Discord account in order to work on Mountain Villa.

You do not need to have posting experience to sign up.


Please note: this does not create an account in our system, and does not force you to provide us with any personal data, unless you add them yourself in text fields.

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